Structure & diagram


The Web Index is made of 4 sub-indexes which are divided into one or multiple components, each composed of multiple indicators. The 4 sub indexes and their components are:

  • Universal access
    • Education and awareness
    • Access and Affordability
    • Communications Infrastructure
  • Relevant content
    • Web Use
    • Relevant Content
  • Freedom
    • Freedom of the Web
  • Empowerment
    • Political impact
    • Social and environmental
    • Economic impact

See also the animated radial projection of the Web Index structure at the bottom of this page.

The structure, in details

CodeElement NameTypeWeightHigh/Low 1Provider
ACCESSUniversal Accesssubindex0.25HighWF
EDUCATIONEducation and awarenesscomponent0.33HighWF
UN_BLiteracy Ratesindicator1HighUN
WB_H femaleindicator1HighWB
Q40Boy:girl computer trainingindicator1HighWF
ITU_P male ICT graduatesindicator1HighITU
Q38Government Prioritisation of web Access for women and girlsindicator1HighWF
Q39Government prioritisation of web training for women and girlsindicator1HighWF
Q41Government ICT training for women employeesindicator1HighWF
Q42Female role models in ICT fieldindicator1HighWF
AFFORDABILITYAccess and Affordabilitycomponent0.33HighWF
Q18Government Prioritisation of web Accessibilityindicator1HighWF
ITU_RCost of fixed broadband per capita incomeindicator1LowITU
ITU_SCost of mobile broadband per capita incomeindicator1LowITU
Q20Legal Requirements to ensure Accessibility of Government Websitesindicator1HighWF
ITU_JCost of bandwidth per MBindicator1LowITU
ITU_BBroadband subscribers per 100 populationindicator1HighITU
WI_BNumber of mobile subscribers per 100 populationindicator1HighWI
WEF_BInternet Access in Schoolsindicator1HighWEF
WI_CNumber of mobile broadband connections per 100 populationindicator1HighWI
Q19IT Community Prioritisation of web Accessibilityindicator1HighWF
INFRASTRUCTURECommunications Infrastructurecomponent0.33HighWF
IEA_AElectrification Rateindicator1HighIEA
Q1Reliability of electricity supplyindicator1HighWF
ITU_LInvestment per telecom subscriberindicator1HighITU
ITU_G% of population covered by mobile cellular networkindicator1HighITU
WI_DBase stations per capitaindicator1HighWI
WB_ASecure Internet servers per million populationindicator1HighWB
ITU_KExistence of National Broadband Planindicator1HighITU
ITU_AInternational bandwidth (Mbps) per Internet Userindicator1HighITU
Q53Flexible and Neutral ICT licensing frameworksindicator0HighWF
ITU_OBroadband Speeds (peak Mbps, Average Mbps)indicator1HighITU
CONTENTRelevant Contentsubindex0.25HighWF
USEWeb usecomponent0.5HighWF
ITU_N% of individuals using the internetindicator1HighITU
SOCIAL_NETWORKS_ADominant social network monthly active usersindicator1HighSN
Q52Social Network Useindicator1HighWF
WI_FNon-voice as % of wireless ARPUindicator1HighWI
Q49Government use of web-based environmental informationindicator1HighWF
CREATIONContent creationcomponent0.5HighWF
Q14Government Provision of agricultural pricing informationindicator1HighWF
Q15Government provision of agricultural adviceindicator1HighWF
Q16Government provision of early warning on natural disastersindicator1HighWF
Q13Web-based information on job opportunitiesindicator1HighWF
Q2Web use for health information disseminationindicator1HighWF
WIKI_AWikipedia articles in local languageindicator1HighWikipedia
UN_CGovernment online services indexindicator1HighUN
Q5Government Provision of School Performance Informationindicator1HighWF
Q47Web-based information on low-paid worker rightsindicator1HighWF
Q46Web-based information on support for GBV victimsindicator1HighWF
Q45Government provision of information on support for GBV victimsindicator1HighWF
Q43Web-based reproductive rights and services informationindicator1HighWF
Q44Government provision of gender equality informationindicator1HighWF
ODB.2013.D1-D15Availabiltiy of government datasets in open formatsindicator1HighWF
Q3Web-Based information on public health servicesindicator1HighWF
Q4We-based preventive health care informationindicator1HighWF
FREEOPENFreedom and Opennesssubindex0.25HighWF
FREEDOMFreedom of the Webcomponent1.0HighWF
FH_BCivil Libertiesindicator1LowFH
EIU_APolitical Participation Indexindicator1HighEIU
Q10Personal data protection frameworkindicator1HighWF
ODB.2013.C.RTIRight to information legal frameworkindicator1HighODB
ODB.2013.C.CSOCCivil Society Engagement on Open Dataindicator0HighODB
ODB.2013.C.INITOpen Government Data Initiativeindicator0HighODB
FH_APolitical Rightsindicator1LowFH
RSF_APress Freedom Indexindicator0.5LowRSF
WEF_AFreedom of the pressindicator0.5HighWEF
Q7Blocking of Internet contentindicator1HighWF
Q11Privacy of electronic communications protection frameworkindicator1HighWF
EMPOWERMENTImpact and Empowermentsubindex0.25HighWF
POLITICALPolitical impactcomponent0.33HighWF
ODB.2013.I.ACCOUNTImpact of open data on transparency and accountabilityindicator1HighODB
UN_DE-Participation Indexindicator1HighUN
WEF_CICT use and government efficiencyindicator1HighWEF
Q29Web-based education and information provision by civil societyindicator1HighWF
Q30Web-based education and information provision by trade unionsindicator1HighWF
Q28Web-based campaigning by political partiesindicator1HighWF
Q31Web-based public outreach by political partiesindicator1HighWF
Q36Trade union web use for mobilizationindicator1HighWF
Q37Web-stimulated local mobilization on political issuesindicator1HighWF
Q34Political party web use for mobilizationindicator1HighWF
Q33Web-based public outreach by trade unionsindicator1HighWF
Q32Web-based public outreach by civil societyindicator1HighWF
Q35Civil society web use for mobilizationindicator1HighWF
SOCIALSocial and environmentalcomponent0.33HighWF
ODB.2013.I.ENVImpact of open data on environment sustainabilityindicator1HighODB
ODB.2013.I.INCImpact of open data on the inclusion of margianlised groupsindicator1HighODB
Q51Web-stimulated local mobilization on environmental concernsindicator1HighWF
Q50Use of the web for global attention to local environmental concernsindicator1HighWF
Q6Availaibilty of E-learning facilitiesindicator1HighWF
Q48Web-based information and education on environmental concernsindicator1HighWF
ECONOMICEconomic impactcomponent0.33HighWF
Q12Government-sponsored e-Commerce promotion initiativesindicator1HighWF
Q17Information use for Agricultural Innovationindicator1HighWF
INSEAD_AInnovation Indexindicator1HighINSEAD
ODB.2013.I.ECONImpact of open data on the economyindicator1HighODB
ODB.2013.I.GOVImpact of open data on government efficiencyindicator1HighODB
ODB.2013.C.SUPINOpen data based innovation promotion initiativesindicator1HighODB
ODB.2013.I.ENTREntrepreneurial use of open dataindicator1HighODB
WEF_LImpact of ICT on organizational modelsindicator1HighWEF
EM_AInternet retail commerce per internet userindicator1HighEM
Q8Cybercrime legal protection frameworkindicator1HighWF
Q9Enforcement and Protection from Cybercrimeindicator1HighWF

Playful visualisation of the Web Index tree

This radial projection let you visualise the proportional weight of each indicator and component within the index.
Click on a components to see the description.

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