And the winner is…

Ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Web, the World Wide Web Foundation and are pleased to unveil the winners of the Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web challenge. We challenged you produce the most accessible, stylish and original visualisation of the Web Index, the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the web’s growth, utility, and impact on people and nations.

The winning design was Ewa Tuteja’sWeb Maturity‘ project.  Cleverly representing a range of Web Index indicators through artistic tree glyphs, the project offers an immediate assessment of the state of the Web across the globe, during its anniversary year. Hania Farhan, the Web Index Director of Research at the World Wide Web Foundation said:

‘All the entries we reviewed were of a very high standard, and the final decision was not an easy one. We’d like to thank everyone who participated for their great effort and work.

‘Overall, we found Ewa Tuteja’s winning project both original and intuitive, with a simple, effective and powerful image depicting the story that the Web Index data tells. A tree is a universally understood image, and if a reader is interested in a deeper-dive into the data, the visualisation also allows for that. Congratulations Ewa.’

Ewa will receive $3200 and an invitation to attend a World Wide Web Foundation event celebrating the Web’s 25th anniversary. Responding to the news that she had won, Ewa said:

‘I feel honoured to have been awarded first prize. This is my first major data visualization endeavour and I had a lot of fun creating it. I tried out a few designs and finally decided on the tree shape, because it has connotations of growth, development and maturity.

‘I wanted to create a detailed overview of the state of the Web in each country, as I felt that the story that the Web Index data tells comes from many of the smaller indicators and survey questions. I also wanted to provide an easy way for users to do comparisons between countries so I arranged the tree glyphs according to their location on a world map. During the whole process, I had Ben Shneiderman’s mantra in my mind: “Overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on-demand.”’

Roxana Torre’s project ‘How Healthy is the Web’ garnered the honorable mention prize of $500.

The student prize of $300 goes to ‘WebImpact’ by TU Delft students Niels Doekemeijer and Jeff Smits.

The Web Index 2013 on Channel 4

In a two-part interview with Channel 4′s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, discussed the findings in the Web Index 2013. Sir Tim talks about surveillance, accountability and the future of the Web.

You can get further information here:

The Web Index 2013 on CNN

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, spoke to CNN’s Charles Hodson about the release of the Web Index 2013. In the interview, Sir Tim discusses the World Wide Web Foundation’s findings and recommendations, the recent revelations about state surveillance, and also internet censorship.

Visualizing the Web Index: an update on our challenge to you

As part of World Wide Web Web Foundation’s challenge that we have set to use the Web Index data to visualize the Web Index, our Director of Research, Hania Farhan, has spoken to

In the interview, Hania gives some insight into the data, explains the process of gathering it, and talks about the insights that she has already found.

You can read it here: 

Hania Farhan talks with Jimmy Wales and Lily Cole ahead of the Web Index 2013 launch event.

Hania Farhan talks with Jimmy Wales and Lily Cole ahead of the Web Index 2013 launch event.

Visualizing the Web Index Challenge

The panel of speakers at the Web Index 2013 launch in London.

Bright Simons, Lily Cole, Jimmy Wales and Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the panel of speakers at the Web Index 2013 launch in London.

The World Wide Web Foundation has partnered with to set a challenge to you to use the Web Index data and design to visualize the Web Index so that we can gain a better understanding of the impact of the World Wide Web. We are offering $4,000 in prizes and the winner will be invited to attend a World Wide Web Foundation event in 2014 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the web.

The World Wide Web is used every day by billions of people across the globe. The more we understand about this powerful tool, the more we can help empower people with opportunities to use the Web to make decisions about their needs and developmental possibilities.

The 2013 Index contains data on 81 countries and includes indicators on gender, privacy rights, censorship, open data, and more. There are various files containing data on the Web Index website. Some sheets contain statistical facts whereas others contain expert assessment survey results. The data includes the overall rankings for all the countries (only for 2013).


Challenge Web Index 2013

We’ve provided the data in XLS files and have compiled a data set for you to use in the challenge.

For the full data set and additional Web Index resources, click here.

We also encourage you to use other open data sets.


First Prize: $3,200 and an invitation to attend a Web Foundation event in 2014 to celebrate the Web’s 25th anniversary.

Honorable Mention: $500

Student Prize: $300


Please upload your entry on by clicking on ‘Enter This Challenge” to select and submit your visualisation.

Deadline: Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Visualizations will be judged on the following criteria:

Understanding (10 Points): How effectively does the visualization communicate? How well does it help you make sense of this issue?

Originality (5 Points): Are the approach and design innovative?

Style (5 Points): Is the visualization aesthetically compelling?

More information is available on the website here:

You can register for the challenge here.

Web Index 2013 Launches in London

The 2013 edition of the Web Index - the first multi-dimensional measure of the World Wide Web’s contribution to development and human rights globally – is being launched today, 22 November in London.

Speaking alongside Web inventor and Web Foundation Founding Director Sir Tim Berners-Lee are:

  • Lily Cole, the actor and founder of the social network, Impossible @lilycole

  • Anne Jellema, Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Foundation

  • Rebecca MacKinnon, the co–founder of Global Voices Online

  • Bright Simons, the founder of the mPedigree
  • Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia

You can download the full report here, and follow the launch event via #webindex on Twitter from 10AM GMT.

Web Index Team To Speak At GWU Conference on 14/15 November

Members of the Web Index team, including Karin Alexander, Web Index Manager, will be speaking at a conference we have helped to co-organise on 14/15 November.

Entitled ‘Known-Knowns and Unknowns about the Internet: Measuring the Economic, Social, and Governance Impact of the Web’, the conference will take place at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. The event is free to attend, but registration is essential. Find out more and watch the recorded sessions by visiting the conference website here.

Further Web Index publications

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have sent us feedback on this first publication of the Web Index, and for their encouraging statements and insightful comments.

As many of you have noted, there was indeed a small glitch in some of the numbers we provided in the country one-pagers. Those numbers only concerned the supplementary country metadata, and are not part of the Web Index computation. Nonetheless, the issue has now been fixed and the links are back in the Index country pagers.
We have also released more materials available for download including the Web Index dataset in CSV and excel formats as well as an Assessment of the Web Index, a report by the European Commission Joint Research Center.

In the coming days, we will also make available pdf versions of the country one-pagers translated in French, Spanish and Arabic.

Best regards,